Published on: 21.01.15

Get Online Week 2015

Die Geh' Online Woche 2015 (deutsche Version des Artikels)

The annual Get Online Week (GOW) will be organized this year again in the last week of March and will encourage and support people to use the Internet with events and trainings. In 20 European countries the GOW will motivate people who are not yet online, to use digital media and will raise awareness for the advantages and risks in the digital world. From 23rd till 29th of March 2015 everybody is invited to participate and get online.

Get Online Week is a campaign that was created and established in 2011 by the European network Telecentre Europe and the EU Commissioner for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes in order to counteract the digital divide.

The campaign includes all members of society and current topics. This year two topics are in the focus:

  • Digital empowerment - seeking to raise awareness and build people´s set of skills required by the available digital jobs.
  • Digital inclusion - making sure nobody is left behind, by raising awareness and initiating offliners and various disadvantaged groups in the online world.

For more information, please visit the official Get Online Week website:

Further information

Source: Telecentre Europe

Logo: 23-29 march 2015 - get empowered getemployed

Geh' online Woche 2015

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