Klicksafe Award

The "klicksafe Award for Internet Safety" is a competition that awards websites, measures, projects and initiatives which support safe offers on the internet, provide information about risks and appropriate user behaviour and promote media literacy.

The European initiative klicksafe wants to draw attention to and sensitise the public to the subject of internet safety. The award is part of the measures of the initiative and is realised in cooperation with the Digital Opportunities Foundation. It is also conducted parallel to the Grimme Online Award and thus the award winners are announced and awarded during the festive Grimme Award ceremony.

Role of the Digital Opportunities Foundation

The Digital Opportunities Foundation oversees the competition on the content-related level, coordinates the submission phase and the selection of submissions for the panel of experts and the jury. The submissions are evaluated via a data-based rating system and an objective catalogue of criteria. The foundation is also responsible for organising the expert and jury meetings.

Project partners

  • klicksafe Initiative

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01.01.2007 - 31.12.2017

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