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The rapid technological improvements in the last decades have unlocked many new job possibilities. More than ever, digital skills are essential for adult workers to take advantage of these opportunities and play a key role in the evolution of the digital economy.

The purpose of the Digital SkillShift project is to reskill and upskill unemployed citizens facing the challenges of the digital transformation in their professional career. The ultimate aim is to enable new work-related opportunities for the beneficiaries of the training, by developing new skills and attitudes required for today’s labour market.

The project also wishes to mobilise employers to support a new way of thinking about employment and recruitment. It promotes the idea of employers’ ongoing engagement in the process of preparing their (future) employees through tailor-made training programmes, rather than simply going to the market when they need to fill in a position.

The project will develop an innovative learning programme that promotes both basic digital and social competences for employability and specific digital skills to support projects.

Role of the Digital Opportunities Foundation

The Foundation is one of three pilot partners implementing the project at national level. In Germany at least 100 job seekers will participate in a blended training. After the training, we will support at least 50 of the participants in finding employment.

Project partners

  • ALL DIGITAL, Belgium
  • Patrizio Paoletti Foundation, Italy
  • Simplon.co, France

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In cooperation with JPMorgan Chase Foundation


01.12.2018 - 30.11.2020

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