Equal Opportunities in the Information Society

Since its beginning in the year 2002 the Digital Opportunities Foundation has taken on the promotion of an equal opportunity access to the information society as its central task. Within the national strategy for the European Year of Equal Opportunities 2007, the five-year anniversary of the foundation was celebrated with a nation-wide event series on “Equal Opportunities in the Information Society''. The aim was to start a public debate about the encouragement of social participation. During the event series, a survey of the current situation of participation from all social groups in the German information society was taken. The main objectives were to raise greater awareness of the possibilities of using new media within society as well as the development of a common future perspective. The results of five regional future workshop were presented to the public during the final conference at the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology on September 17th 2007.

Role of the Digital Opportunities Foundation

The Digital Opportunities Foundation developed the workshop outline and organised the workshops. The foundation contacted the target group, organised the collaboration with welfare organisations, prepared the findings for the final conference and developed guidelines as result of the final conference.

Project partners

  • Alliance for Barrier-free Information Technology
  • Alcatel SEL foundation for communication research
  • AOL Germany Media
  • German Association of Organisations for Seniors
  • IT Fitness
  • Kabel Deutschland

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Funding through the national strategy for the European Year of Equal Opportunities 2007
Grant Authorities: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology, European Commission and Partner


01.01.2007 - 31.12.2007

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