Since the establishment in 2002, it is the remit of the German Digital Opportunities Foundation to research the social impact of digitisation, to campaign for equal access to the Internet for all people and to advance digital literacy. Our objective is digital inclusion of all societal groups and counteracting the digital divide. The Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy and the Federal Family Ministry have taken patronage over the Foundation.

The foundation is registered in the European Transparency Register at http://ec.europa.eu/transparencyregister/public/consultation/displaylobbyist.do?id=948042627375-19


The internet offers opportunities for more information, more participation and social commitment. We would like to create the prerequisites needed for all people to become part of the digital society and actively shape it. The leitmotif of the Digital Opportunities Foundation is Digital Inclusion - in order to reach this goal we particularly work in the following fields:

Activities and Target Groups

The Digital Opportunities Foundation is an operative set-up. Our work attends to the public, social and political discourse and we actively support the networking of all involved parties in politics, economy, academia and civil society for the diverse subject areas.

Our projects and activities are especially directed at multipliers in children and youth work, adult education and the wide field of voluntary commitment. In this, we concentrate on:

  • The development of curricula and the conducting of trainings, for example in order to pilot and implement our topics for education and further education
  • The management, support, consultation and evaluation of processes of change in society
  • The implementing of competitions that promote public awareness and discourse
  • The organisation of events, workshops, conferences, campaigns and the development and support of networks
  • The development and provision of materials, offers for e-learning, tools, databases, link collections, action recommendations etc.
  • The development and implementing of usability tests
  • The compilation of requirement analysis for software development
  • The preparation of comparative studies / benchmarks for youth protection tools

Our projects and activities are directed at educational experts and teachers, especially those in education and further education who function as multipliers in their work with various groups of disadvantaged people. We further address our work to:

  • Migrants
  • Disadvantaged families
  • People with disabilities
  • Socially and educationally disadvantaged children and youth
  • Socially and educationally disadvantaged adults
  • Senior citizens

Partner and Sponsors

We work in cooperation with public, civic and private partners. Our projects are funded by European funding programs and supported by federal funding or via other public financial funders. We also cooperate with partners from the business world. Our Founders and Cofounders support us in our work.

The Digital Opportunities Foundation underlies the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as well as the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

The Advisory Board is made up of representatives of various organisations that support and advise the foundation in its content development and the realisation of our work.


The Digital Opportunities Foundation has been conducting projects on national and international scale since 2002. You can find an overview under Projekte.