Advisory board of Digital Opportunities Foundation in  Oktober 2017

Our advisory board

According to the Foundations statutes, the Advisory Board of the Foundation consists of max. 30 members. It brings together representatives of social groups and institutions that are willing and able to contribute with advice and support in a special way to achieve the objectives of the Foundation. The Advisory Board provides advice to the Board, makes recommendations and promotes the support of the Foundation.

On the Advisory Board of the Digital Opportunities Foundation get involved:

  • Representatives of welfare organisations and institutions
  • Representatives of civil society organisations
  • Representatives of patronage ministries

As Advisory board chairwoman Dr. Verena Metze-Mangold (Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission) has been elected.

Deputy advisory board chairwomen are Donata Freifrau Schenck zu Schweinsberg (Stiftung Daheim im Leben) and Barbara Schleihagen, Manager of Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e.V.

Members of advisory board