Accessible ECDL

The Dienstleistungsgesellschaft für Informatik (DLGI) and the Digital Opportunities Foundation completed the project ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) barrier-free in a combined effort. The objective of the project was to provide barrier-free access to the ECDL exams for persons with disabilities.

The project was planned for several years. During its course the examination processes of the ECDL were adapted to diverse group of persons with disabilities and workers in nation-wide approx. 1000 test centres trained. It is important to sensitise these and introduce them to the needs of persons with disabilities. Thus, apart from the development of an ECDL test set adapted to the needs of the target group, a curriculum for the training of test directors in the ECDL test centres was devised.

During 2006 thirty one-day free workshops in which workers from ECSL test centres and other interested institutions of further education were introduced to the prerequisites for barrier-free teaching and testing of the ECDL were conducted throughout Germany.

Project partners

  • Dienstleistungsgesellschaft für Informatik (DLGI)


Microsoft - Unlimited Potential


01.01.2006 - 31.12.2006

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