Digital Opportunities for Working with Youths

The Digital Opportunities Foundation aims to interest people in the possibilities of and to facilitate their access to the internet. Youth workers outside of school need better methods in order to motivate youths to understand and use those opportunities of the internet that go beyond chatting, e-mails and games. Besides introducing "onliners" to kinds of internet usage which can help them in their professional and personal lives, we also provide tools how to reach "nonliners" - youths that are not yet using the internet.

One of the foci of the method training the Digital Opportunities Foundation conducts, and which has already been attended by approx. 3000 educators and workers from open youth work facilities, is the technique of project learning. The theoretical basis are conveyed and put into practice in the course of a one-day training. According to our experiences, this method is suitable for working with beginners as well as for working with experienced users.


Funded by BMWi, Accenture und Partner


01.01.2003 - 31.12.2004

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